• If you are considering a public relations media strategy for your business in Asia, you need to consider an Asia press release service.

    Topic News PR is your local PR partner in Asia, providing one of the best online press release distribution services in Asia – including China, Japan and Korea press release.   

    A press release, or a newswire, is a written statement that intends to report on detailed but brief information. It is typically about a recent circumstance, event, product launch, or another occurrence. Our online press release distribution service has the objective of getting the largest media companies and social networks to pick up your story, product, event, or circumstance and get your news featured in Japan, China, and across Asia.

     Important Considerations For Your Asia Press Release

    ·      Timing is essential – with most featured new articles, events, and press releases, timing is a critical factor as they are available for immediate release. Immediate release means that any individual can share the information and news as soon as it is public. We recommend that timely coverage is promoted as much as possible. We also suggest in the case of wanting to keep information secret until a specific time, that a specific date coverage is specified.

    ·         Our objective is to get your news features to the media in China and Japan and get them to run with it. It is crucial to consider what the large media outlets are looking for in a press release. We ask ourselves questions such as – is it going to interest the readers? How does it benefit the community?

    The Purpose of a Press Release

    The main objective of our Asia press release service is to publicize significant, relevant, and specific information in a precise and detailed way. It is common knowledge that a press release document follows a set format and provides three principle promotional and marketing purposes: 

    1.      To inform the media about an event, with hopes that they spread the word.

    2.      To publicize certain aspects and information about your business, with hopes that a reporter from the media sees the press release and writes a news editorial, article, or feature on it.

    3.      To increase the public image of your business and promote the overall appearance of your firm, brand, or business.


    The Benefits of Using Our Press Release Distribution Service


    When it comes to Japan's press release and China's press release, you are going to want to publish a press release that is going to provide a number of benefits. There is a lot of influence and effectiveness in a well-written press release. Our Asia press release services guarantee some of the following benefits for your business:

    ·         Quick exposure to a reputable audience

    ·         Affordable pricing

    ·         Search engine optimization benefits

    ·         Increase in sales

    ·         Increase in web traffic to business website

    ·         Increase in social media sharing

    ·         Possibility of returning customers

    ·         Increased authenticity for your business


    The Do’s and Do Nots of Press Release

    The Do’s

    ·         Start the press release with the name of the origin city and the present date.

    ·         Use an attention-grabbing title

    ·         Write in the third person

    ·         Be an expert in the industry

    ·         Remain concise, specific, and brief

    ·         Link the press release to trends or current occurrences

    ·         Use quotations

    ·         Be creative


    The Do Nots

    ·      Do not make it a form of advertisement.


    ·      Do not forget to add a secret clue to the press release


    ·      Do not use stiff wording



    How To Begin The Press Release Process

    Our press release service is accessible and easy. You can connect with us today and start your press release today. Follow either of these two methods, and we will contact you.


    DIY Submission

    1.      Registration

    2.      Choose a pricing plan

    3.      Post your featured news article or editorial

    4.      News links are sent to you via email


    Contact Topic News PR for the most professional newswire service in Asia -  

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  • It's not a news that your online content has to align with Search Engine Optimization (SEO) techniques.  The same applies to online press release.  Great press release content is not only for humans but also for online search engines. If you want to have maximum potential for readership, you must embrace SEO tips.

    Here are some SEO content writing techniques that you can use for SEO press release and also blogging or any other online content, and it sure can help position your content higher on the Search Engine Result Pages (SERP).

    1.      What readers want to know is in the title: A research by American Press Institute suggests that 69% of Americans read news headlines once or more a day.  If your headline can't catch attention, it will be scanned by as the statistics shows.  Search engines also take importance on the article content.  So before you publish any press release, be sure to give an eye-catching headline that encourages the right audience to read on.


    2.      Stand out: Keep in mind that you should offer some extra value to your readers. Is there any service or information that only you can provide?  And think from the point of view of a reader, not just self-praising.

    3.      Keep your topics relevant: Use specific terms that people search for in the title of your page. Also use those keywords and some variations of them in the meta description and on other parts of the page to tie the topic together. Your keywords should appear naturally in your writing. For example, someone may search for “sports camera recommendation” or “photo editing app” rather than typing the name of a specific brand like the GoPro or FaceApp.

    4.      Write content for a wide audience: Make sure the language is neither too simple nor full of complicated terms. Avoid long sentences with clauses and passive sentences.  The best way is to imagine writing for a 7th grader so that our content is easy to understand — both by potential customers and search engines.

    5.      Make sure your content can be scanned quickly. Short paragraphs, clear headings, bold text, bullet points and numbered lists make the text easy on the eyes. Search engines also favor content that is well-structured. Stay away from long paragraphs and sentences. Users tend to get lost in them, especially if they are on a mobile device. 

    6.      Make sure the content provides a complete answer: When you start writing, refer back to your research on your user’s intent (from tip #1). Make sure your content addresses all the key points  your audience is seeking help with, and make sure to answer them. You may consider highlighting related questions under new subheadings to make them more clear to your user and the search engine. This will align your content with users‘ needs.


    7.      Think mobile: Internet viewers on mobile phones have exceeded other devices.  Make sure the content you develop is mobile device friendly, including images or videos that go in the content. Google now favors mobile-friendly content in its search results, so designing content for mobile is good for search algorithms and your user experience.

    §  Try to make your content scrollable instead of forcing people to click through multiple pages


        - Make sure any videos on your pages are compatible with smart devices.

      - Make sure any buttons on the screen are big enough for mobile customers to use.
      - Publish your content on mobile-friendly media. 

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  • While most parts of the world stop normal activities to fight against the coronavirus outbreak, a few Asian countries has learned how to cope with the new situation, move on and move up.

    See the global opportunities in Coronavirus spreading


    China is among the first to emerge from the Corona crisis; the Chinese government has made a courageous decision to bring the economy back to normal as soon as possible. China has come out from the crisis due to its quick response, strong policy and execution. In the other hand, China has realized that the fastest way to return her economic growth and GDP is through allowing entry of medium and small businesses from Europe and the US by reciprocal process of import and export, information exchange and technological development.


    The first step in the process is the new law that allows full foreign ownership of life insurers, futures and mutual fund companies this year in stages.

    The Chinese government has established a set of intensive financial measures to support micro, small & medium-sized, and private enterprises. The 2020 March PMI has returned to 52%, that is 16.3% more than the previous month, , it signals the strong economic comeback after passing the lock down over the novel coronavirus pandemic.  

    smile Your best China PR service provider - Topic News 

    Spread online news about your business

    In the current situation, the ones who take things online are less vulnerable to the “social distance” rule. Online marketing has been the mainstream in marketing channels, and now its importance is even greater. When all the physical expositions are unavailable, only the businesses with online presence internationally have a chance to stand out.

    The new situation creates a golden opportunity for small and medium-sized companies in the US and Europe fighting the coronavirus-economic paralysis to join the renewed growth and economic openness that the Chinese government is promoting.

    We see an increase in Western media outlets in China’s online media and online news in recent weeks. Gaming and developing apps startups are among the first to take advantage of the new situation says China News and PR Agency – China Press Release by Topic News

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  • Fears of the coronavirus weighing on business has caused global stocks to plunge.
    U.S. equity markets saw took a tumble Friday, with the S&P 500 closing down one.eight percent and the Dow more than two percent.
    Those were the biggest weekly percentage declines in half a year.
    South Korea's main index, the KOSPI, has fallen five.eight percent since mid-January, before the country reported its first case of the disease.

    KOGL : Korea Open Government License 


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  • Looking into Sun's Surface - NSF’s newest solar telescope produces first images

    Preeminent telescope to play critical role in better understanding sun, space weather

    Just released first images from the National Science Foundation’s Daniel K. Inouye Solar Telescope reveal unprecedented detail of the Sun’s surface and preview the world-class products to come from this preeminent 4-meter solar telescope. NSF’s Inouye Solar Telescope, on the summit of Haleakala, Maui, in Hawai‘i, will enable a new era of solar science and a leap forward in understanding the Sun and its impacts on our planet.

    Activity on the Sun, known as space weather, can affect systems on Earth. Magnetic eruptions on the Sun can impact air travel, disrupt satellite communications and bring down power grids, causing long-lasting blackouts and disabling technologies such as GPS.

    The first images from NSF’s Inouye Solar Telescope show a close-up view of the Sun’s surface, which can provide important detail for scientists. The images show a pattern of turbulent “boiling” plasma that covers the entire Sun. The cell-like structures — each about the size of Texas — are the signature of violent motions that transport heat from the inside of the Sun to its surface. That hot solar plasma rises in the bright centers of “cells,” cools off and then sinks below the surface in dark lanes in a process known as convection. (See video available with this news release.)

    Chinese news: https://www.topicnews.cn/tech/li-shi-shang-zui-qing-xi


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